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Custom tile showers

We accept the fact you're a busy person. We can emphasize with the fact you can’t pause to rub dirt out of carpets and polish dullness out of Angelium. You've got a long list of significant stuff that take precedence in your life to dwell on rips or slashes in vinyl, or chips and bloating in laminate floors. That's why we at White River Flooring give you a broad and novel collection of tile floors, counters and other materials: To give any space that you want a defining statement with tile, one of the most attractive, lowest-maintenance, and exceptional options.

With its superior toughness and stylistic adaptability, it's not surprising that tile has been the celebrated material for floors and walls for generations. Just because the choice is timeworn, doesn't mean your floors will appear out of date. White River Flooring of Searcy obtains materials from different locations in the world, allowing us to present our patrons everything from exemplary natural tiles to give your home a classic pure feeling, to glazed glossy pieces that will bring a clean, Bohemian ardor to any home.
Custom Showers & Tub Surrounds in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes

Tile is perfect for busy households

Lovely for a household with disorganized guests, animals or even messy kids, tile floors need almost no care. Remarkably, not much wreckage can be brought upon a tile floor during everyday life that a wet mop can't remedy. Sturdy, solid slabs of dignified ceramic or granite can be the final ascent that any project site is in need of, and once you've found the design and pattern that you're searching for, White River Flooring can help you in altering and laying down your floors. Our proficient, professional installation craftsmen have years of experience and can handle any renovation assignment. Bathroom floors, bath walls, kitchen counters or the whole family room, we will do our best to help you to get and lay down the tile that you want to make your house fit your tastes.