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The basics of polished concrete

Choosing polished concrete can offer any customer an attractive, easy, no-wax flooring option. Modern technology and equip allows contractors to grind old and new concrete floor surfaces to a glossy finish that doesn’t need waxing or coating. With unmatched durability and a high-quality look, polished concrete has become a popular choice for warehouse, retail, and office facilities. It offers an affordable alternative to marble, tile, granite, linoleum, and coated concrete. These smooth, high-luster floors are even beginning to catch on with homeowners who want low maintenance and high-class looks.

Polished concrete can be customized to fit your needs. Polishing is a process that is done in steps. This means that you can choose the level of shine that you like best, from a satin finish to a high gloss. It also makes this floor appropriate for different applications. Polished concrete can also be stained to look like polished stone flooring.

The polishing process is best done by professionals with a great deal of expertise. Heavy-duty polishing machines fitted with diamond-impregnated disks are used to smooth down surfaces to the right texture and luster. The equipment itself can cost a lot, not to mention the time and skills required to get the project done. This is not an easy do-it-yourself project-- you are better off relying on the expertise of licensed and insured technicians. A professional concrete polishing contractor can do the work the correct way.

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete flooring is high-quality concrete that has been buffed to a bright, mirror-like gloss. There are a large number of design options: Customers can select a range of colors, cut patterns into the surface, and even place other materials within the concrete. The gloss of the floor can be changed based on the amount of polishing applied to the surface and the level of the concrete poured before polishing. This is a low maintenance floor option that requires routine dust mopping and mild cleaners for sticky messes or stains.

The polishing process for concrete is similar to that of hardwood. Fine grits of diamond-impregnated segments disks are used llike sandpaper to buff away layers of the concrete’s surface. This is done repeatedly until the desired level of smoothness and shine is achieved.

Polished concrete benefits

What makes this flooring such a popular choice? For starters, it has the advantages of lower maintenance and higher durability than tile, carpet, and polished stone. Polished concrete can be used in a variety of spaces, like commercial stores, educational and medical facilities, and residential homes. Customers have also used decorative concrete floors that are polished because it offers an affordable, long-lasting solution without sacrificing beauty.

Some Residential Benefits Include...

  • Save Money: Polished concrete is more affordable in terms of unit price, installation, and upkeep.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: These floors are less likely to sustain serious damage and rarely need replacement. Imperfections can be polished out of the surface with ease.
  • Easy Maintenance: All a polished concrete floor needs is a quick dust mopping and some mild cleaners to keep it looking beautiful.
  • Prevents Allergies: The hard surface doesn’t harbor pet dander, dust, or bacteria.

Commercial Spaces Can Also Benefit…

  • Reduces Costs: Using an on-grade slab as a finished floor surface reduces maintenance and replacement costs. The glossy surface can also help reflect light and lower lighting bills.
  • More Durability: Polished concrete has a higher resistance to high foot traffic and other wear factors like sunlight, stains, and scratches.
  • Simple Care: There is no need to spend hours of business time waxing and cleaning the floors. A dust mop is all you need. Stains will not set into the hard surface and it will not absorb allergens and odors.
  • Longer Lifespan: Polished concrete offers a long-lasting value due to its high durability and easy maintenance. Replacements and damages are very rare because it is strong. Its glossy surface and the variety of colors and textures are always in style.
  • Beautiful: You can have the benefits of polished stone without the expense and high maintenance. The highly reflective surface can make an office, hotel, restaurant, or retail space look larger and more luxurious. Polished concrete is great for adding to a clean, professional impression on customers.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Polished concrete doesn’t require any hazardous coatings, cleaners, or chemicals. It does not use limited natural resources like hardwood. This is a “green” option that can work for just about anyone.
Polished Concrete in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes

Uses for polished concrete

The versatility of the look of polished concrete makes it easy to adapt for a number of different uses. Customers can choose different colors and finishes to fit their home or business decor. Possible applications include:
  • Warehouses/Warehouse Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Spaces
  • Offices
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Homes
  • Garages


Maintenance for polished concrete is simple and does not take a lot of time. Keeping them glossy and clean is as easy as running a dust mop over the surface to collect grit and dust. They will stay resistant to mold, mildew, and stains without any waxing or sealing needed. Clean warm water and a mild detergent can be used to mop up sticky messes or oil-based spills. However, these messes will not likely damage your durable concrete flooring.

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