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Affordable decorative concrete coatings

Making your home stand apart from the rest is wonderful, but saving money at the same time is even better. With affordable decorative concrete coatings and toppings from White River Flooring, you can have the stylish home you’ve dreamed of without going over budget. You can find ways to get the most out of your concrete floors with our help. Get the professional results that you expect in Searcy when you work with our experienced team of home renovation technicians. Now you can turn boring concrete flooring into a work of art and ensure that it is protected for years to come. Finding superior products and a list of helpful and efficient services makes combining beauty and functionality easier than ever before.

Why coat concrete?

Years ago, concrete was considered a necessity in some applications, but not terribly interesting. Most of us are familiar with the flat slate gray or black concrete of the past from sidewalks, schoolyards and garages. Now, with proper sealing, concrete has become a common replacement for luxury flooring in homes, offices, and more! The proper sealing protects the surface from a variety of wear and damage factors that would otherwise call for repairs or replacement. It can also be an opportunity to add stylish colors and patterns to take this boring staple into modern design territory. Here are some of the benefits of sealing your concrete with decorative coatings and toppings:

  • Increased durability: The most practical reason to get a decorative coating and adding toppings to your concrete is the increased durability. By adding an extra layer to the surface of the floor, you can prevent a series of damages. You can prevent wear patterns developing from walking or driving over the surface of your flooring as well as stains caused by pet accidents, oil seepage, or other common household messes. The dust that occurs when concrete is broken down or worn away will also be absent, making clean-up around the home much easier. Moisture will cease to be a worry when you seal the surface, as it will not permeate the nonporous surface.
  • Design Applications: Although function is often the first concern of homeowners when they are contemplating coating their concrete, the decorative aspect is just as important. You want your home to be just as beautiful as it is durable, and our team can give you just that with the proper decorative coating and toppings. You can transform a plain concrete surface into one that resembles marble or other kinds of natural stone, or create a more level surface with a pop of color using toppings beneath the coating you select. In this way, you get the gorgeous look of more luxurious flooring options without losing the strength and hardness of a concrete floor or going over your budget. Having so many options in color, luster, and patterns can help you bring together a disjointed decor with ease. All you need is a little help from the professionals!

Additional considerations

Have you started looking at your concrete floor differently yet? There are many opportunities for function and design, and we hope to inspire you to explore the options you have. Now that you understand how opting for decorative concrete coatings and toppings can be an improvement for your home, here are some things that we suggest keeping in mind while you go forward in your plans:

  • How large is your space? This can help you estimate the costs before you begin your project, making setting a budget much easier. It can also help you create a timeline for how long the project will take to finish. You can speak with our installers or customer service consultants prior to coating your concrete for a better perspective.
  • How long has the concrete been there before sealing? The longer your flooring has been in its current state, the more work it may require. This will give your installers some idea of the condition of your concrete before they begin a more thorough inspection.
  • Has the concrete previously been sealed? If your concrete has already been sealed, we may make a different recommendation in terms of what products to use for decorative sealing or the need for toppings based on its condition.
  • What kind of coating would you like to use, epoxy (liquid coating) or epoxy and urethane (usually goes on top of epoxy)? Epoxy is often used in tandem with urethane sheets to create a more durable seal for your concrete. Our professionals will discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages with you if you are not exactly sure what your concrete’s needs are.
  • Is your surface level? Does it require toppings to level out the surface before being coated? Do you require a slope that runs to a drain to prevent flooding? Checking for cracks, gouges, dips and holes can save you a lot of stress in the long run. These will need to be repaired prior to your decorative coating and topping work.

With a little preparation and the right team behind you, making your concrete more durable and pleasing to the eye is a stress-free and fairly straightforward project. You can have a beautiful room, outdoor space, garage, and more with decorative concrete coatings and toppings from White River Flooring. To find out more about our products and services, stop by one of our Searcy locations or contact us by phone at(501) 268-5370. Web-savvy customers can contact customer service reps at When you want beautiful home renovation work done at a price you can afford, White River Flooring has the solutions for you.
Concrete Coatings in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes

Epoxy and urethane coating products and services

If you have areas indoors or outdoors where there is concrete, you may want to consider sealing it with an epoxy or urethane coating. Adding an extra layer of protection can extend the life of your floor and also make it appear more beautiful. You can protect your investment with ease, skipping the stressful price comparisons and running between businesses trying to find certified professionals. In Searcy, there is no one who offers more affordable solutions for your epoxy or urethane coating needs than White River Flooring. When you want to improve your home, our professional team can help you pick out the right epoxy or urethane coating products and provide flawless services to finish the work for you. Best of all, you’ll save every step of the way with our competitive pricing and reasonable labor rates.

Epoxy or urethane?

How can you determine which of these two products will be the right one for you? Although our experts are willing to lend you some solid advice, it would be helpful to know what the differences between the two are. Each one has advantages and disadvantages in different applications, so knowing what your needs are prior to shopping will help you choose. Here, we have compiled a list of facts to improve your epoxy and urethane know-how:

  • Epoxy: Epoxy is a type of resin that is combined with hardeners to create a solid, clear coating. This coating is often buffed to shine and added to make flooring more durable and attractive. It is resistant to moisture, stains, wear patterns caused by heavy foot traffic, and allergens or odors that often permeate areas like the garage or porches. It is also often added to floor paint to create colored designs that are also sealed and protected. It comes in one and two coat varieties, each with their own characteristics. As one might expect, one coat epoxy dries quicker and allows for faster installation completion, but two coat epoxy tends to last longer and be more secure in the durability and waterproofing aspects. Whichever you choose, it is applied in the same way: the resin is spread out over the area and smoothed out to an even surface with large rollers. When applied properly, it lasts for many years and maintains its lovely look.
  • Urethane: Unlike epoxy, urethane doesn’t come in a liquid form. Instead, it comes in standard sized sheets that cannot be adjusted. It is often laid over epoxy coatings as it doesn’t tend to bond well with concrete on its own. Using both products is typically suggested rather than choosing one over the other, but speaking with a professional about your needs based on the demands of the space you are in is suggested.

Additional considerations and possible uses

It is important to know what the floors you are sealing with the epoxy and urethane coating will be used for. The amount of use, the type of use, and the duration of use will be important factors to keep in mind as you move forward to seal your flooring. Here are some additional considerations to bear in mind as you begin contemplating how to best treat your floors:

  • How much foot traffic will the room receive?
  • How will you be keeping your room clean?
  • How much sunlight/UV exposure will the room receive?
  • What are the temperature conditions in the room?
  • What sort of chemicals will you be exposing your flooring to?
  • How long do you need for the flooring to last?
  • What is the size of the space?

Add years of longevity to your floors

And so on. Remembering these details make using epoxy and urethane coating products much simpler and more effective in the long run. This can end up saving you a costly mistake or a drawn-out renovation. But it doesn’t stop there! You should also consider all of the creative applications that epoxy and urethane floor coating systems can be used for:

  • Commercial Spaces: Schools, cafeterias, hospitals, public restrooms, research laboratories, warehouses, etc.
  • Home Spaces: Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, pool surrounds, porches, patios, etc.

However, you choose to utilize your flooring, epoxy and urethane coating can go a long way to preserve it for years of use. If you are interested in sealing your flooring properly and enjoying unbeatable durability and longevity, come to White River Flooring for all of your epoxy and urethane coating products and services! Our consultants are standing by to answer your questions or help you set up an appointment to begin planning your next renovation. Call(501) 268-5370or send a message online to and speak with us.
Concrete Coatings in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes
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