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Concrete engraving services at affordable rates

Are you are a homeowner who desires a little more creativity or a business owner who wants to make the best of their advertising options in Searcy? Concrete engraving can be an incredible tool for the artistic home or a way to reach potential customers who visit your business. At, you choose the design or logo, and we render it flawlessly. Using your chosen image in a variety of spaces can be a wonderful tool for the discerning interior designer or business owner given a team that can pull it off. If you are worried about your budget or concerned about the lasting quality of our work, just ask your local friends and family who have worked with us before! Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority and making sure that you get the best price possible is the way that we earn your recommendations. Let us help your home or business so that you can help us do what we love best-- providing excellent products and services at low prices every day.

How it works

The process of having your concrete engraved is a fairly simple and quick procedure. Even customers with a busy schedule can find the time to have our team stop by and get the job finished. Depending on the size of your engraving, your business or home may be off-limits to guests anywhere from a few hours to a few days. You have the option of providing our team with a logo or design of your choosing or having one of our talented designers create one for you. Once you have decided on a design that you are happy with, we then create a detailed stencil to lay over your floor. Then, with a sharp tool, we remove the space inside of the stencil to create a negative of the image you want, leaving a shallow engraving in the surface of the concrete. Cleaning the dust at this stage is very important because a dirty surface will look imperfect and warped when sealed. A proper seal requires an otherwise level plane and a clean surface that lacks dust, oil, or grime for the coating to bind to the concrete properly. After the engraving is complete and the sealing coating is applied, all that is left to do is let it dry! You will want to make sure that the treated area is left alone and avoid any foot traffic, minimize floating dust, and avoid getting it moist. But our job isn’t finished until the coating has set properly and we can see how our work stacks up when compared to our high standards. Our installation team will be sure to give it a thorough inspection for any missed fractures, spots where the coating didn’t seal properly, or other areas of weakness. Once it has passed inspection, we will turn the space back over to you so that you can go on enjoying your newly engraved concrete!

What you can expect

With so many local businesses to choose from and everyone claiming to have the best prices, it can be difficult to decide who to work with. You want the best value that combines a great price with flawless work, and we can give you just that. Incredible results and fine customer service have been our pride and joy for years, and our installation team is efficient. Here are some of the great things you can expect when you choose to work with our team of professionals:
  • Up-to-date licensing and training for all installers.
  • Installers with years of on-site experience.
  • High-quality engraving tools for precise, crisp images.
  • Durable, long-lasting coating to seal your new engraving.
  • Creative input from experienced designers with industry experience.
  • ‘Round-the-clock customer service by phone, email, and local locations.
  • Thorough inspections before, during, and after the work on your concrete.
  • Flexible scheduling for even busy home or business owners.
  • Honest advice and helpful suggestions.
  • Comprehensive, clear billing that shows every expense-- no hidden fees.
  • Fast, gorgeous results at competitively low prices.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction for every job we complete for you.
Concrete Engraving in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes

Fast, beautiful, and affordable results

Adding that special touch to your home or business doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Even if you are on a budget, we work with you to get fast, beautiful results at prices that you can easily afford. Our talented installers are there to offer you support and clean, efficient work for your concrete flooring. You’ll have friends and neighbors talking about this creative new solution for creativity in your home or savvy advertising in your business! If you are looking to make your concrete floor reach its full potential without wasting your time or funds, White River Flooring is here in Searcy to make it all possible.

To set an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts, call (501) 268-5370 or email to start planning your next renovation today.