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If the term “concrete services” leaves you thinking of dull, drab floor coverings, allow us to elaborate on the brighter aspects of this particular material. While plain concrete can definitely leave quite a bit to be desired, we have other offerings with which you should familiarize yourself. It could be that these services are just what you’ve been looking for all along anyway. No need to pay more or spend more time having another material installed when concrete gets the job done.

White River Flooring has spent nearly 20 years making sure that trust, integrity, and accountability are at the very core of all of our service models. Whether you’re dealing with residential or commercial flooring, we have products, systems, and services that are sure to wind up at the top of your wish list. To talk more about those with one of our well-trained service associates, just visit our Searcy, Arkansas showroom at your convenience. From there, we serve the communities of Searcy, Batesville, Newport, Cabot, and Sherwood. Find out how we can work for you too.

Concrete services can really change your floors

Decorative concrete can change the entire look and feel of your concrete floors. Coatings, for instance, make these floors much more interesting. It also creates a sealant, making it a much better surface than even some luxury flooring options in both residential and commercial settings.

Polished concrete offers a gorgeous appearance that needs no wax or coatings and is always easy to clean. It’s more affordable than other materials that are often finished with a polish, such as marble, granite, or tile. It creates a very smooth surface with a high luster, offering a truly classy appearance with the least amount of maintenance.
Concrete Services in Searcy, AR area from White River Flooring & Home Finishes

Update your concrete floors with an epoxy coating

Another of our popular concrete services is an epoxy coating. Whether your concrete flooring is indoors or outdoors, sealing it with epoxy is a great way to add a gorgeous overall look and an excellent layer of protection. Epoxy offers chemical resistance as well and stands up very well to repetitive abuse, making it excellent in commercial settings or your super active home. It’s not at all uncommon to find epoxy coating the surfaces of garages where heavy machinery are in use, hangars, and even floors in warehouses.

For more information about how our concrete services can make your life easier and better looking, be sure to stop into our showroom. One of our associates will be thrilled to answer any questions you might have.